The Original

by Tangle Teezer



This is the ultimate fairytale of the hair industry. In 2007, hairdresser Shaun Pulfrey took his brush along to TV show Dragons’ Den. Unable to see its potential, the Dragons turned him away, but the public loved it. Shaun followed his (and the British public’s) gut instinct and remortgaged his house to finance the business. Fast forward and his company is now worth an estimated £70m. It’s all down to its design: the duo-height flexible bristles part the hair in a snaking action, helping tangles glide apart. Every hair type – from curly afro to delicate toddler wisps – can feel its magical effects.

What would take me 15 minutes with a regular brush takes two with the Tangle Teezer. Without it I probably would have no hair left! THANK YOU TANGLE TEEZER!

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