Mini Miracle Eye Wand

by Charlotte Tilbury


Simultaneously taking on dark circles and under-eye bags, this wand has its work cut out. Thankfully it’s brightening, smoothing, tightening, hydrating and colour correcting. One end is packed with plumping hyaluronic acid, moisture-hoarding salicornia to reduce water loss, acanthium for cellular repair, cyclodextrins for some lifting action and rice proteins to reduce bags. The other is a light show of peachy mother-of-pearl micro-particles that diffuse light, soft-focus any imperfections and illuminate shadowy dark circles. What late night? 

Impressive – this product really brightens the under-eye area! Adds points of lightness where you apply it, so for best results make a targeted application on top of your under-eye concealer. A little goes a REALLY long way.

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