Luxurious Volume 7 Day In-Shower Treatment

by John Frieda


For those with fine, slippery, static-prone hair, this could be your dream elixir as it genuinely does boost volume and add much-needed oomph. How? By infusing each hair with fibre-thickening proteins and coating each hair with a superfine veil of wash-resistant polymers. As you style and touch your hair, you can really feel more body and grit to each individual strand. It’s very easy to use too: after shampooing and conditioning, cover your whole head from root to tip and leave for about five minutes before rinsing. Use every two to three washes.

My hair felt different when I was rinsing this out – thicker and fatter – but not more moisturised. My hair was a bit stiff initially but I’m on my third application and my hair feels much bouncier.

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