Calming Botanical Essence

by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare


When you miss out on sleep, skin doesn’t have the chance to detoxify or regenerate properly so often you can wake up with blotchy, puffy skin and no amount of staring listlessly into the mirror will fix it. This probiotic-based mist might just do the trick though. Pure-filtered glacier spring water purifies unbalanced skin whilst rose quartz crystal water calms inflammation right down. Meanwhile, a host of essential oils including linden blossom, camomile, camellia, lavender and fragonia extract diminish both physical and mental fatigue. A beauty arsenal must for insomniacs, stress-heads and party animals – but do try to get some sleep too.

Full of skin balancing probiotic cultures and soothing essential oils. Smells lovely and leaves skin feeling fresh and soft.

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