Ambre Solaire Dry Protection Mist SPF 50

by Garnier


This super-fine mist makes light work of applying sunscreen, which can all too often be a real chore. Designed to work from every angle, meaning it’s even easier to cover backs, bums and feet; it contains potent UV protection to ward off sun damage and photo-ageing. The dry texture is a pleasure to use and offers a non-greasy, non-tacky finish on skin.

I like the convenience and mess-free aspect of an aerosol spray but I fear a lot of product gets ‘lost’ in the air when you apply. That said, I like this brand and I have used it in the past. It has a barely-there scent and it disappears very quickly. For a 50+ SPF, it is very light and it’s specially formatted for sensitive skin which is great in the heat.

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