Meet the Drama Queen

Stylish Summer Vibes by Cîroc & Stylist

In the first of our spotlight series on the best of London’s venues to celebrate the summer in association with Cîroc Vodka, we meet the bar manager of Drama Park Lane, Evelina Raducan.

Tell us about what you do…

I run the bar here at Drama, so I arrive early to set up, restock any missing ingredients I need for cocktails and prepare for the night ahead. Then we open at 11pm and serve drinks until we close at 4am, when I do a stock|take before I go home. I love my job.

Meet the Drama Queen 10

What is it you love about it?

I’ve just never before had a job I enjoyed this much. I love to be here because it’s fun and I meet loads of people who are also having fun. Our job is to make people happy, because ultimately that’s what a night out should be about. For example: if a customer asks me what drink they should have, I’ll ask them a few questions to find out what sort of thing they like, and then seeing them enjoy it so much they keep coming back and asking for more brings me a lot of pleasure.

And what is it that makes the perfect night out?

It’s all in the name: Drama. Everything is a show – the drinks, the dancers, the décor. It’s all about fun, and we look after people. We treat them with respect, talk to them and have a laugh. Because, at the end of the day, if you have fun, you’re going to keep coming back.

What would you say are the ingredients of the perfect celebratory night out?

I think it’s a mixture of the music, the drinks and the setting – but, ultimately, it’s the people. You want to celebrate with interesting people who are there for the same reason: to enjoy themselves.

Meet the Drama Queen 3

What sort of crowd do you attract here?

A great one. Groups come in for birthday parties and hen and stag dos because it’s a place where you can make your celebrations really special – you can get a table with waiter service and share a big bottle of vodka or something. We also get a lot of celebrities in. I’ve seen the likes of Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rita Ora and Drake all having a great night out.

You have an all-female bar team – is that deliberate?

Not initially, but it works really well. We chat, we dance, we make jokes with the customers as we serve them shots and generally just become part of the party. I don’t think this job is for everyone, and I don’t want staff who don’t talk to each other and just serve the customers while waiting for the time to go home. I’m really happy with who I have at the moment – they have great chemistry.

What would you recommend as the perfect summer drink to celebrate with?

My favourite is the Cîroc Berry Lemonade. I love it! It’s Cîroc Red Berry, some ruby grapefruit, simple syrup, lemon juice and cherry liqueur. Everyone I’ve recommended it to loves it.

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Welcome to the boudoir…

Up those Insta likes with a visit to Drama’s selfie room

When it comes to taking a standout selfie, context is everything, which is why Drama has created a space specifically for party-goers to take memorable snaps. “The idea was to create an interactive area in the club to create traffic, both physical and digital,” explains Henry Rogers, Drama’s PR, marketing and event executive. “The vibrant colours and tasteful imagery make it a great attraction.”

Meet the Drama Queen 9

The room features art instillations which are updated quarterly, #WhatsTheDrama wall graphics and even an opulent, circular bed.

“I have seen all kinds of selfies in that room,” adds Henry. “Some extremely creative ones.”

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