Five top celebrity hideaways

Stylish Summer Vibes by Cîroc & Stylist

The Box

The Box opened in New York in 2007, earning itself a cult status as one of the hottest places to party, before crossing the pond in 2011 to have the same effect in London’s Soho. A speakeasy style cabaret club with candlelit halls and hazy mirrors, its home is the former Raymond Revue - a theatre and strip club dating back to the 1950s, famous for being the only venue that offered full-frontal, onstage nudity. The celebration of debauchery has been restored for an equally unforgettable night out, from its erotic-themed cocktails to its risqué cabaret-style acts, enjoyed by the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, often from the Green Room - a private bar and auditorium on the second floor.


A Tiki-style Polynesian party venue with a cliental that includes music royalty, like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles and Little Mix as well as royalty (Harry, William and Kate have all been known to party there). Its open door policy and rejection of VIP areas means it’s one of the places you’re most likely to literally rub shoulders with a celeb while ordering one of their fresh fruit cocktails, so if they want to keep out the way they’ll probably hang out in the Cîroc Pineapple Beach House - Mahikis’ twist on the New York Hamptons - a space for up to 30 people to enjoy light bites, cocktails and Lucky Voice Karaoke.


MNKY HSE (fill in the vowels yourself when you say it out loud) is perfect for celebrations where you want to eat, drink and party without having to relocate halfway through the night, but don’t want to compromise on any of them. An elegant, quirky art-filled space that transforms as the night goes on, the innovative Latin American menu is the work of Pablo Peñalosa Nájera, formerly of the Four Seasons in Bogotà, the expertly-devised cocktails are intense and smouldering and a schedule of international and resident DJs take charge of the music. The caged alcoves are your best bet for spotting a famous face during dinner.

Maddox Club

A vibrant and opulent boutique restaurant and club with an electric atmosphere, popular with partygoers of a Beyonce, Jay-Z, Pharell Williams and Prince Harry caliber. 

But though it’s an A-listers paradise, if you can’t spot them they might very well be hiding away from the bottle-service glamour of the main club and instead hanging out in the elusive and by invitation only Green Room, reached via a secret walk through the kitchens, sipping a vodka and tonic from the private bar on the room’s open-air courtyard.