The Model with a Message

Emily Bador is a model with a message. The Brighton-born 20 year old wants the fashion industry to embrace freedom, diversity, and most importantly, honesty. After all, as the world changes and bodies change with it, clothes should as well. That said, If there’s one sartorial constant we can rely on it’s that a pair of Levi’s are the perfect fit for every occasion, and Emily Bador knows that more than most. Not afraid to speak her mind about topics that others might shy away from, she’s proof that staying true to yourself is an essential element of style.

Emily 2

What was your route into modelling?

Somebody spotted me at a christening and they asked my parents if I wanted to do a little bit of kid modelling. So I did it a little bit when I was younger, stopped because of school, and then as my Instagram started to gain a little bit of a following, there were a couple of people around Brighton who were like, “Do you wanna work?” Basically I had different agencies come to me at one time in like the space of a month and they were like “do you want to sign with us?” And from the moment I walked into my agency, they were like “we believed in you, we wanted to sign you before you walked in the door.” 

Is it important that you use your platform to bring up wider social issues?

I’m all for people doing whatever they wanna do and whatever interests them, but I think it’s really useful. I would feel guilty if I didn’t use my platform to talk about certain things. What’s important for me is having a sense of empathy for other people and respecting other people’s choices, but also about respecting your own choices and being more honest and open with yourself.

Emily 3

How does that tie into body positivity?

Body positivity means celebrating differences. Representation is really important because it shows you you can do anything— I think it’s really important to be able to see yourself represented, to give you a reassurance that you are not the odd one out. Designers have realised that the public wants change, and I think they are reflecting that in their work.

Is the fashion industry supporting that?

Diversity within the industry is getting better and you’re meeting so many creative brilliant young people which is really inspiring.