“I’m already a total convert”

Banker Vanita Nathwani, 24, wasted a lot of time and money on hair removal before discovering the Philips Lumea


Vanita Nathwani tests the Philips Lumea 6

Anyone who has to get up early for work knows that every minute counts in the morning. I work in finance and have to be up at 6am every day so I can be at my desk in time for when the markets open at 7.30am. It means I don’t have time for hair removal when it’s forecast to be warm. But now I’ve discovered the Philips Lumea, I don’t even need it.

The Philips Lumea is finally the long-term hair-removal solution I’ve needed all these years

The full effects will be visible after two months or so of regular use, and it’s hard to describe just how excited I am about having smooth skin without thinking about it. I’ll be able to get up in the morning and wear a skirt without giving it a second thought. And be able to go for after-work drinks and take my jacket off without panicking. I’m really excited about using it on my arms for that reason.

The Lumea comes with various attachments – larger ones to use on bigger areas like my legs and smaller ones for my face and bikini line. It’s really functional; I watch TV while I’m using it.

Vanita Nathwani tests the Philips Lumea 3

I’ve always gone to Kavita for beauty advice – not only is she like a big sister to me, but she’s also a lifestyle blogger, so she knows her stuff. And I’m so glad I did in this case – the Philips Lumea is her best recommendation yet. It’s finally the long-term solution I’ve needed all these years.

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