“I’m already noticing a huge difference”

After years of trialling various hair removal methods, project manager Sharna Heir, 24, has finally found the solution in the Philips Lumea


“I’m already noticing a huge difference”

Having a busy life can be tough. Working, socialising, exercising, maintaining a regular beauty routine – oh, and definitely ensuring you also get plenty of sleep in there too. How are we meant to fit everything in?! That’s why I’m so excited about the Philips Lumea finally taking care of my body hair for good. It’s one less thing to worry about on my never-ending to-do list.

My friend at work, Carley, recommended the Philips Lumea to me and I know it’s had a huge impact on her life, so I was keen to try it too. I’ve always been happy to invest time and money in my health and beauty, so the price wasn’t a concern – especially when you take into account how much I’ve already spent over the years on waxing appointments, epilators, razors and creams. That’s not to mention the hours I’ve wasted – not just on actually getting rid of body hair, but on worrying about it! The Philips Lumea is a long-term solution so I’ll never have to spend money on hair removal again. It’s such a relief.

The Philips Lumea is a long-term solution so I’ll never have to spend money on hair removal again

Until I bought the Philips Lumea, I was mostly just shaving or waxing, but I was never satisfiedwith either as a long-term solution. Plus, it added an extra 20 minutes to a busy morning routine that already includes yoga and meditation. But it felt like the only options out there were either really painful with longer-lasting results, or were quicker but didn’t work very well. The Philips Lumea has all the good without the bad.

Sharna Heir tests the Philips Lumea 3

I have a colleague’s wedding coming up in a few months and the idea of buying a dress without giving my body hair a second thought is amazing. But obviously, the best bit is the extra 20 minutes in bed the Philips Lumea gives me!

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