“I can finally take smooth legs for granted”

Fashion and beauty blogger Kavita Sodha, 28, has been using Philips Lumea for a year now. Here, she tells Stylist how it’s changed her whole beauty routine


Sharna Heir tests the Philips Lumea 8

As part of my job as a style blogger, I review a lot of new beauty treatments – and I mean a lot. Some are great, some less so, but the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system is one of the only products that I still use, and love, a year on.

I used to be a waxer. I’m of Indian heritage and my hair has always been dark and noticeable, which is why hair removal has always been important to me. That used to mean having to spend ages every six or seven weeks trying to get an appointment at my local salon. It was even trickier trying to time a wax around an upcoming holiday, wedding or other big event where I wanted to look my best. Hair removal was a constant annoyance. Waxing was effective but painful, time-consuming and the regrowth in between was so frustrating. And then I heard about the Philips Lumea, offering a quick, painless and safe long-term solution.

The best thing about the Philips Lumea is that I just don’t have to give hair removal a second thought

 When I think about how much I’ve spent on waxing over the years, it’s easily paid for itself – plus, I can use it for up to six years to come. It means I can finally take smooth skin for granted – things like taking my cardigan off at work without worrying about whether or not I remembered to shave my underarms that morning.

Kavita Sodha tests the Philips Lumea 2

I’ve become such a fan that I regularly recommend the Philips Lumea to friends and family. In fact, I’m the reason my cousin and flatmate, Vanita, started using it a few weeks ago. She loves it just as much as I do – it’s like having a salon IPL treatment in the comfort of our own home at a much lower cost. We’re going to Canada this summer for our cousin’s wedding – it’s great knowing that we won’t have to plan around pesky waxing appointments or give unwanted hair a second thought.

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