“No more body hair nightmares”

Stylist asked four women to road-test the latest in hair-removal technology. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be tracking their progress

If you’re anything like us, unwanted body hair is a constant source of frustration. From that last-minute panic about underarms when you remove your jacket, to the stress of trying to get a waxing appointment before your holiday – wouldn’t it be lovely to have all that worry wiped away? Enter the Philips Lumea.

Last year, four members of the Stylist team tried out the ground-breaking hair removal technology and haven’t looked back. Easy to use, safe and, above all, incredibly effective, the Philips Lumea could change your beauty routine forever. And now the Stylist converts are paying it forward. Stylist contributor and fashion blogger Kavita Sodha, 28, has been a Lumea fan for a year, calling it “a game-changer in hair removal”, and has recommended the innovative product to her cousin, Vanita Nathwani, 24.

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Kavita Cola & Vanita Nathwani

Vanita, who works in finance, told Stylist she “can’t wait to get started”, adding, “Kavita and I are going to Canada in a few months for a family wedding, and the idea of not wasting time trying to get a wax appointment or worrying about wearing a bikini while we’re out there is so exciting. It feels like my body hair nightmares could finally be done with – I really hope so”.

I’m looking forward to being hair-free in time for a friend’s wedding in September

Stylist’s research manager Carley Fain, 27, has also become a regular user of the Lumea since her introduction to the product a year ago. She’s passed the secret on to her colleague, project manager Sharna Heir, 24.

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Carley Fain & Sharna Heir

Sharna says, “I’ve tried creams, epilators, shaving, waxing – it feels like everything is either horribly painful or doesn’t work very well. I’ve seen how effective the Philips Lumea has been for Carley and I’m looking forward to being hair-free in time for a friend’s wedding in September.”

All four will be sharing their experiences with the innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.